"Thank you again for including me on Saturday and for your encouragement to come and join you, despite my current circumstances. I am so glad that I took the chance - only petrol and my empty purse would have kept me away. The experience you created for us was and has been incredibly precious, and amazingly powerful. It has lifted my spirits and confidence greatly and enabled me to tackle life with more vigour and vitality this week."


"Entertaining, buoyant, highly animated and artfully creative.These are probably the best adjectives to sum up the collective perception of Ms. Christine McMahon."

Elvis Overee, Assistant Manager
ISCOS, Singapore

"It was a fantastic start to the project, the children really enjoyed themselves and so did I! You really inspired their imagination and they have been so enthusiastic in literacy lessons during this project."

Jennifer Sturgeon, Y4 Classteacher
St. Lawrence's C of E Primary School, York